Missing Horse

Drayden Mistwalker, Jimbo and Ghost have all been looking for travel to Salest from the capital city of Calavan. The only rout possible is through the Goblin Pass and a man named Ofin and his friend Lemonheart were willing to take them for a reasonable price. But when they arrived at the wagon one of the horses named Sprite had been taken by Kobolds!

Ofin asked the three adventurers if it would be possible for them to retrieve Sprite and bring her back. But after battling through the Kobold layer beneath the large dead oak tree, they found the corpse of a horse. Upon returning to Ofin with the bad news and a few scrapes from the Kobolds and a large spider, they presented him with his deceased horse’s bridal. Ofin sadly offered them some gold and thanks for finding Sprite.

Now Ofin is down a horse and he has seven travelers looking for passage to Salest.

The travelers are a Warforged, Eladrin, Halfelf, a Minotaur, a large man with tattoos and broken shackles on his wrists and a Halfling. Together they will ride the dangerous road to Salest, a road that Ofin claims he has never had a problem on.


Wow, way to take it to those pesky Kobolds you guys! If I hadn’t been critical-failing out my face and arse at the same time at home I would have loved to have been there.

Missing Horse

Yeah as the party found out it is much better to work together than run in alone. It was fun, sorry you missed it man! Next monday?

Missing Horse

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