Drayden Mistwalker

A scarred half elven fighter, with piercing green eyes, stone face and cool demeanour. The way of battle is the will of Kord, and he's all about exacting Kord's will.



As Drayden walks into the Inn…you see a tanned, lean, half-elf with moss green eyes and light brown hair. Drayden wears black lacquered chainmail over a black sleeveless jerkin, black leather pants, and black leather boots. Over his bare arms, you can see the criss-cross of battle scars and old wounds. A gray cloak protects him from the elements.

A leather strap runs across his front, where two sheathed daggers are visible. A well worn, black sheath is strapped to his back. The black grip and feathered pommel of his sword are visible, jutting out over his right shoulder. As Drayden removes his cloak to take a seat, you realize that the sheath only covers the mid-portion of the blade. You realize the shining blade is of Elven crafting, and old. Elven runes are etched into the cross-piece and at the exposed distal end of the blade.

From the elbow of his left arm down, is a gauntlet of unusual design. It consists of 4 blackened steel plates that follow his forearm. These plates are held in place by black leather straps that run underneath the plates and attach to buckles on the inside of his forearm (forming a bracer). These brace the blackened steel plate on the back his hand which connects to interlocking sharp plates that flow along the top of each finger. When Drayden clenches his gloved hand, the sharp front of the steel plate and finger plates protrude, creating a razor sharp, blackened steel fist.

After a careful look at the half-elf, his cold eyes and expressionless face, you get the impression that he prefers to spend much more time taking care of his weapons, and armor, than interacting with people.

Humble Beginnings

Elven Teachings

Drayden was raised as a Mistwalker Elf, by his mother, Alwyn. Alwyn raised Drayden in a small Elven community in Radal-Saal, near the forested region known as the Radas End Wood, known to the elves as the Salahast. Alwyn taught Drayden that the Mistwalker Clan was so named as their ancestors lived in a mountainous region, where the mist and clouds were ever present. Alwyn never explained to Drayden why she had left her Clan, and Drayden never questioned Alwyn concerning her past, believing it would be revealed to him in time.

Drayden’s mother, Alwyn, was a warrioress for the Mistwalker Clan, and fought in the two bladed tempest form, passed down through the Mistwalker Clan generations. Alwyn had a more ‘human’ temperament, seeing life as short and fragile, and lusting after adventure – a black sheep in the ancient, reserved, Mistwalker Clan.

Alwyn raised Drayden in the traditional Mistwalker way, teaching him the ways of the woods and the blades. Though Drayden was brought up in Elven culture, he was always set apart, as his human ancestry was obvious from birth. Drayden grew faster, and was always larger that elves his own age. That led Drayden to slowly become a more quiet, introverted and shy child than the other boys his age. As Drayden grew, he spent more of his time practicing with his blades, and spending time in the woods, than with his peers.

Living in the wild southern portion of Rada-Saal allowed Drayden to continually hone his warrior skills. Alwyn, and other clan warriors, would often be required to protect the community, the forest, or raid encroaching bands of evil creatures. As Drayden entered his teens, he was more often than not out in the wilds tracking and hunting down threats to the community. Drayden was often accompanied by his mother, who shared his zest for the hunt, and understood his social isolation.

As Drayden grew, he befriended Saeth, and the two of them would often be on the hunt together. Saeth was a young ranger of House Aldrith, and helped Drayden learn the ways of the elven hunt, using stealth and awareness of his surroundings, rather than brute force, against his enemies. Saeth taught Drayden that wisdom and terrain are what make elven warriors superior over those who favor brute strength. Saeth and Drayden would become great companions, and this allowed Drayden to be welcomed into the wild elf community. Drayden found his place in the community, along his mother and Saeth’s side, defending the elves that had brought him in, and raised him.

At age 21, this would change.

Sorrow Wrought Adventure

That spring, a goblinoid horde had begun an offensive through the forest. The whole community was at arms, and pushing back the enemy. Drayden and Alwyn were tracking a band of fleeing goblinoids, who had been plaguing a nearby water supply. These goblins led them into a cunningly planned ambush. Drayden and Alwyn were able to defeat the orc and hobgoblin attack, but Alwyn was mortally wounded. Alwyn, in her final moments, revealed to Drayden that his father had been a human, and member of the Exile Company. The Exile Company, she explained, were a mercenary band, made up of exiles and misfits. Alwyn had traveled with them in her ‘younger days’ and met his father, Braiden. Alwyn told Drayden that Braiden had died, while pregnant with him, and that Drayden had been named in his honour. After Braiden had died, Alwyn left the company and found a home with the elves of the Rada-Saal. Alwyn asked Drayden to take, and honour, her sword, as it was an heirloom, and symbol, of the Mistwalker Clan. A bright bladed short sword, with the Clan’s founder etched into the cross hilt and the pommel ending with two diverging tail feathers.

Drayden was able to carry Alwyn’s battered body home, for a traditional burial. Unsure of what to do, Drayden spoke with the Elven leaders. They suggested that Drayden attempt to locate the Exile Company, and further his knowledge of his human and elven heritage. That way, Drayden could discover where his home was, and be at peace with wherever he decided to call home.

Drayden then ventured off with Elven blessings to explore the wider world. After several months of searching and exploring the nearby cities and communities, Drayden located the location of the Exile Company.

Drayden tracked the Exile Company and located them between missions, traveling in the Rada-Saal. Few of the 25 current members knew much of who his father was, or had been. The oldest, and longest serving member, Carthag, a dwarven smith and cleric, did remember Braiden. Braiden had been a warlord of some skill, and potential to be an officer He had been an under-officer when the Company’s size had been well over 100 members. Unfortunately, Braiden had died in battle, and his elven girlfriend had left. When Carthag realized that Drayden was the child of Braiden and Alwyn, Carthag suggested that Drayden join with the exiles, and sponsored his membership.

Drayden would go on to serve 6 years with the Exile Company, traveling the continent. Though the company was generally only used as an expensive escort, and fought few pitched battles, Drayden learned much in the way warfare. During Drayden’s first year, the company rescued a half-ogre warrior, Trak. Trak and Drayden became fast friends – and when in battle would team up together. Trak gathering the enemies attention and Drayden nimbly cutting across the battlefield, flanking enemies. Drayden was also employed as a scout for the company, as his elven taught stealth and hunting skills were badly needed in a company of dwarves and humans.

During the hours of time on the road and while guarding, Trak spent time teaching Drayden Giant, and Drayden teaching Trak Elven. Trak and Drayden would often spar, practicing their fighting techniques. Drayden soon learned that a free hand in battle was advantageous, and adapted the two light blade technique of his mother into a light blade and spiked gauntlet form. Trak was a devout follower of Kord, and taught these precepts to Drayden, Trak explained to Drayden that the way of battle was the will of Kord.

Drayden also spent many hours with Carthag, who would tell Drayden the tales of both his parents, and of the company. Carthag’s memory was long and his skill as a weapon and armor smith was great, but as an orator was without par. With the help of Carthag, they were able to design and create a spike gauntlet fashioned to Drayden’s combat style.

Post Trak Era

At age 27, while fighting a winter campaign, Trak was slain in battle.

Drayden parted ways with the Exile Company, saying farewell only to Carthag, and left to continue his adventures. Before leaving, Carthag assisted Drayden in dying his leathers black, blackening his gauntlet, and lacquering his chainmail black. Drayden explained that this was a dark time in his life. The black was to honour his lost friend, lost mother, and to allow him a time of mourning. Drayden believed that until this time had passed, he would be unable to return home and become a member of the Mistwalker Clan, or an elf of the Salahast. Drayden then ventured forth in order to find meaning in the loss of those he loved, locate the whereabouts of the Mistwalker Clan, and figure out his place in the Rada-Shen.

Drayden Mistwalker

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