Jimbo, Dear Jimbo, I have a request for you, I need you to deliver this package to River in Calavan. You’ve seen him come into my alchemy shop many times before, he will be expecting you. Please, deliver this safely, I thank you for your discretion in this matter, have a safe journey my son.


Viccar Moonhallow.

Normally Viccar doesn’t send you on errands so this trip must have been important. You have have travelled safely to Calavan and delivered the package to River, an old man living alone in a cottage in Calavan. He seemed like a nice old man. In return for the package he gave you something to give to Viccar, it’s an old box, he said it was very important that you not lose this box as Viccar will be expecting it, he also gave you ample gold to return home safely, unfortunately someone picked your pocket and stole the money you were supposed to use to return home safely, now you have to find cheap travel back.


You’ve lived in Salest and known Viccar since he awakened you many years ago and in that time he has taken custody of two sisters, one named Ziana the other Katelyn. Katelyn is 13 and Ziana is 9. You aren’t exactly sure as to why Viccar took in the girls. The only reason he gave you was that their parents were great friends of his and that he must now look after the girls. So you know these two very well having seen them grow up as Viccar took them in when they were very little. He has always asked you to be his third eye in taking care of the girls and protecting them should danger arise. Essentially Viccar is your father, you’re very close to him and you feel very connected to him, you’re not sure whether this connection is due to the magic he has taught you or some other link, but it is strong and very real.


Rada-Shen aargon