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Player Characters:

Arstan Malchior

Drayden Mistwalker



Rada-Shen Locations:

The Province of Rada-Saal

The province of Rada-Saal is a lush green region full of flora and fauna. Translated from Dragonborn it means Southland due the it’s location at the southern most tip of Rada-Shen. The Capitol City of Calavan rests on the grass flats North of The Ivory Twins.

In contrast to the beauty of the Ivory twins, a taller more menacing range sits to the North-West, it’s tallest peak chiseled out to make the shape of a menacing minotaur slamming his great axe into the very mountain he was created. The image is a sight for all around to see and casts a dark shadow of a past when Minotaurs were once fearsome killers who ruled the south-lands.



Goblin Pass


The Minotaur

The Ivory Twins

Lonely Beach

The Northern Watches

Non Player Characters:

Kenver Swiftstream



The Peoples of Rada-Shen:


Dragonborn Elite

Ofin and Company Wagon Couriers

The Shadowfold

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