The World of Rada-Shen

Welcome to the world of Rada-Shen. It’s single continent is rich with history and ancient monuments that tell the story of a past haunted with war and devastation. A towering spire in the east pierces the heavens for all eyes to see as if the world itself was stabbing the gods. The Needle’s history or Tar-Haza in Dragonborn, has long been buried in ancient tomes and wizards minds, serving only as an ever present landmark for all the citizens of Rada-Shen to behold.

But Rada-Shen is more than just a towering spike on the horizon; from the mighty Minotaur to the depths of the Fractured Arm, Rada-Shen is a land of beautiful landscapes, colorful scenery and rich culture, all held in the hands of the mighty Dragonborn who have ruled the world with honor and pride for hundreds of years.

Though the world is small, it’s rich in it’s peoples and cultures. The mysterious Eladrin of Talafahst, whose breathtaking city few eyes have ever seen, and the capitol city of Cada-Shen, where the Dragonborn Emperor rules. Rada-Shen breaths life from all races, and because of the Dragonborn’s strong rule, war is not a common event amongst these civilized folk.

Though peace is something that Rada-Shen has enjoyed, that doesn’t mean it’s without problems. The Southern region or Rada-Saal is tormented by goblins, ogres and worse who feed upon the land, preying upon travelers and raiding small villages for food and sport. Goblins thrive within the mazes built inside the great mountain of the Minotaur and Ogres and Gnolls roam the stretches of land preying on unsuspecting travelers. The Gruatai or Dragonborn Elite do their best to maintain protection of such pests, but more focus is put toward the northern reaches of Rada-Shen. No one is quite sure why the Dragonborn focus their efforts on the north. Rumors of evil leaking from Fractured Arm trickle down to the Southerners, but being so far away the lowlanders don’t give much thought to the happenings of the cold lands of the north.

Some folks say Rada-Shen is a cursed land, some folk think that she’s hiding something, some dark secret waiting to be told, but mostly people live in peace and go about their day to day lives, but if you let yourself stop, you’ll notice that there is something strange about the world, and you’ll get the eerie feeling that peace can only last so long…


Arstan Ipso Buckley Ghost